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Kayaks are originally developed by Inuit, Aleut and Yupik who are the indigenous people inhibiting the region around Alaska and Canada. Those kayaks were made of stitched animal skin over wooden frame or whale skeleton and used for hunting in the river.

In modern times many intrusting sports and activities were developed using kayaks. We as of now deal in activities of white water kayaking which is one of the most intresting and adventures activity or sport.

A whitewater kayak is like a motor cycle in mountain terrain; an amazing experience which only few other can surpass in terms of joy and thrill. Kayaking in india is growing rapidly especially kayaking in Rishikesh is becoming rage now a days with foreign as well as domestic travelers

We offer kayaking Tour Packages in Rishikesh and other Places in North India which are tailor made to your desires and may organize a perfect blend of white water kayaking / rafting cum trekking cum biking or motor excursion trip.

Our motto is to create a memorable Himalayan experience for you to cherish the life long memories. We will discuss and customize the trips / expeditions to suit your time schedule, special interests, climate conditions and number of persons in your group.


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