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Paragliding is one of the most adventurous and exciting activities. To have wings and fly like a bird has been most engrossing dream of man since beginning. Para-gliders are man’s wing and ability to fly can’t be described in words. Paragliding is an experience which can’t be replaced and it is for only few who are willing to learn this amazing sport. We will give wings to your dreams; we offer following courses:

Basic Course: (P1&P2)

Basic Course in paragliding is the entry level learning course. This course is designed to introduce you to the paragliding and the equipments. The aim is to make you understand the basic nuances of paragliding and equip you to fly short distances on your own.

Basic Course includes:

  • Little bit of history of paragliding
  • Information about flying equipment and the parts and components of    paragliders
  • Ground handling of the paraglider
  • Beginer skills like learning to supply, how t control wings, watching the wind,    wind speed & directions, take off, alpine launches, turning landing
  • 4 days of short distance flying

Intermediate Course:

Intermediate Course in paragliding is for the persons who have completed basic course and are capable of flying short distances on their own. This course is a stepping stone towards the adavence course to develop you as a trained Pilot.

Intermediate Course includes:

  • Short Flying,
  • Medium Flying,
  • High Flying,
  • To learn and understand : flying conditions, Pressure system, Frontel system,    Clouds types, weather, Daily variation, turbulence, thurmling.
  • Learning to the soar, ridge Soaring, Flight plan, Reverse inflation, Crosswind    takeoff, turn variation, Landing complication, emergency procedure, learning    360*(left&right) & big ears, b line stall, Tight 360*, Novice Skills and the rule of    the air.

Paragliding Advanced Course:

This course is for the pilots who have completed basic and intermediate courses and are ready

The Adveance Course is for those piolets who have comleted the basic and intermediate course and are ready to rule the sky as expert Paragliding Pilots.

Paragliding advanced course includes:

  • advanced takeoff and cross country Flying,
  • the summary of intermediate course,
  • Learning: spirals, wingover, complicated Landing, Aero-medical considerations,    thunderstorm avoidance, convergence Lift, wind awareness, finding the lift and    ground zero to thermal soaring.

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