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Where do you fly?
We fly at Bir-billing, it is the second best paragliding site in the world. It offers excellent world class facilities of paragliding. We had one of the oldest school and facilities with best of the pilots and the finest equipment in India.
Can I get insurance?
Yes you can get insurance with us.
Do you operate all year?
Hours of Business & Flying Schedule

Summer Season Winter Season


All Seven Day
Sunrise to Sunset
(6.30 a.m. to 7.00 pm)

All Seven Day
Sunrise to Sunset
(8.00 a.m. to 6.00 pm)

Training School

All Seven Day
By Reservation

All Seven Day
By Reservation

Is there a weight limit?
Yes there is some limit, however, it is more like you are reasonably fit and have your weight proportionate to your hight. Our normal maximum weight on school equipment is 115kgs. However, we can by prior arrangement take up to 150 Kgs, subject to condition that you are athletic / physically fit. It is preferred that Tandem (joy ride ) passengers are below 110 kg.
Is there an age limit?
You can paraglide at any age. However, to fly solo by law you must be at least 16. You may fly tandem with an instructor and parental consent from 12 upwards. The maximum age we will teach you is 65. However there are pilots flying well into there 70's! If you are over 55 or you have a medical medical history, like diabetes, heart condition etc, you are reuired to submit Medical Certificate from a doctor and self declaration.
How do you start?
We believe in learning through experience. You will spend less time in theory classes and most of your time will be spend in training drills and practice. Training Pics
Can I teach myself Paragliding?
Paragliders are simplest form of aircrafts. Most of us can learn the basics like launching, landing or even turning in 2 hrs. Reason for such easy learning is its simplicity and partly it became possible due to our instruction and the way we organize, control and assess conditions, situations and make safety decisioins for our students, we constantly monitor them whether they are in ground or air.

However, it is not possible to teach the ability to take flight decisions on your own in short duration. For taking solo flights and inflight decisions on your own safely, it is imperative that you gain comprehensive knowledge and experience of weather, safety procedures and equipment. The pilot certification program encompasses these things.

Self teaching though not impossible but is highly risky. TRYING TEACHING YOURSELF IS VERY DANGEROUS!
Do I need to take all my days at once?
No you do not need to take all days at once. In fact weather is an important consideration, as you depend a lot on weather conditions. Not necessary to take all days at once you might stagger the same.
What is a Paraglider?
The paraglider wing or canopy is usually known in aeronautical engineering as a "ram-air airfoil". These wings comprise of two layers of fabric that are connected to internal supporting material in such a way as to form a row of cells. It is foot-launched and is flown and landed with no other energy than the combination of wind, pilots muscles and gravity. Modern paraglider wings are made of high-performance non-porous materials such as ripstop polyester[12] or nylon fabric.[note 1]
What is the difference between a Hang Glider and a Paraglider?
The basic difference is that a hang glider has a rigid frame maintaining the shape of the wing. Hang glider being a rigid and aero dynamical frame is generally capable of flying at higher speed than a paraglider.
How much does a Paraglider cost?
Cost of a Paraglider varies between makes and models. A middle of range paraglider comprising canopy, helmet and harness will cost around USD 3000-3500. In addition to this most pilots also purchase a reserve parachute and other safety equipment (this we highly recommend). The advanced pilots also invest in two-way radios, GPS. High quality equipment is worth the investment. In addition to the canopy and harness most pilots purchase a reserve parachute and other safety equipment. Two-way radios, GPS position finders, and a variometer complete the equipment for advanced pilots who fly cross-country. Between instruction and new equipment most pilots invest somewhere around USD 5000.
How long does a Paraglider last?
Generally four years of average use. This obviously depends on how and where it is used. Ultraviolet rays from the sun and physical abrasion on harsh terrain are the greatest source of canopy deterioration. 300-500 hours of exposure to UV is considered the normal life, depending on the quality of materials being used. Canopies are routinely tested for strength. Long before they become unsafe their flying performance will typically mark the need for replacement.
How high and far can a paraglider fly?
The current world's distance record is over 250 Km. In India specially at Bir Billing Paraglider often go upto 150 Km. They can fly very high but within 18,000 feet. Oxygen levels decreases after10,000 feet.
How can I get started and how long does it take ?
You can begin with Tandem whenever you want. Tandem ride with an experienced pilot willgive you first experience and impression on paragliding. You may fly solo (on your own) for short distances under the supervision of an instructor in 2-3 days intial training. To become a certified pilot you will have to invest several weekends and log certain hrs of flying, and you will enjoy this since you wish to fly. You must learn from a certified instructor / pilot as paragliding can be dangerous.
Do I need a license to fly?
No, no legal compulsion for a License to paraglide or hang glide. Paragliding and hang gliding is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority and is a self-regulated sport under the auspices of the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Council (BHPC) whichcertifies instructors and they issue pilot's ratings based on experience and skill. However to own a paraglider and go fly it, you should have the knowledge and skills that you acquire with these ratings.
Is Paragliding safe?
Paragliding is as safe or as dangerous as the pilot makes it. Good equipment, proper training, and most importantly mature judgment make the sport safe. Accidents can happen though; this is an adventure sport after all.
How do you buy your first glider?
First, you need to know how to fly, and equipment can initially provided by the school. Some people prefer to purchase their own new equipment and be taught for FREE. Check out our packages
How do the packages work?
You pay for the package of your choice, new or used. Used prices start at £1500 upwards. Then you have up to 12 months to complete up to 10 training days. You can come one or two days at a time or book a whole week, the choice is yours.
What is a paramotor?
This is a paraglider with a propeller inside a cage behind the pilot, usually powered by a small 2 stroke engine. They vary in weight and power.
Do paramotors need hills to take off?
No. They can take off from planes with the help of motor. Paraglider Types Paragliders are rated and tested.We will train you on a paraglider that is rated for a beginner.
Q. Is paragliding safe?
Likw moat adventure sports you make it safe or dangerous as you want. The crucial point is that you take instructions from a professional and use safe equipments and do it in safe environments. Paragliding schools provide such safe environment and equipment where you may learn paragliding in controlled and informative environment. However, paragliding is an outdoor sport and nature is unpredictable, thus, saety depends a lot on your attitude and personal judgment. You must learn gradually and follow instructions, it is important to use your mind a lot and not get swayed by your ego.
Q. Is paragliding scary?
Flying is the oldest dream of mankind. Paragliding is the simplest way of fulfilling this desire – where a pilot jogs down a slope to glide. Contrary to usual thought it is not jumping down the cliff and there is no free falling off the cliff. The launch and the landing is gentle and slow. You will be surprised to find that once you are in air how peaceful and quite experience is this. First time you will be surprised that there is no sensation of falling.