ISO 9001 & ISO 21101 For Safety Management System in Adventure Tourism



One can hardly describe the thrill and joy of flying. You can only experience the joy of free flying on the wings of winds and looking at the tree tops or even clouds from the sky.

We provide tandem (joy ride) in a two seater paraglider with a seasoned pilot holding an international license. Our pilots are seasoned with thousands of hrs flying experience. You do not need any training, age is no bar no one is too young or too old for this. You just sit with our pilot and enjoy the world from the top. It is amazing place from up there, do remember to bring your camera. We also offer to make recording of your ride from high end cameras.

Billing is the second best paragliding site in the world. It offers excellent world class facilities of paragliding. We had one of the oldest school and facilities with best of the pilots and the finest equipment in India.


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