ISO 9001 & ISO 21101 For Safety Management System in Adventure Tourism
SKYMAN -Heartbeat LTF/EN B

Extremely light and sportive, yet offering high-performance

Heartbeat ranks in the upper level of class B. Its performance and dynamic handling are truly persuasive. In its conception some useful details and new ideas have been realised.

Heartbeat is absolutely easy to launch, even at difficult conditions - one of the reasons, why it is suitable for many different purposes like Hike & Fly, XC as well 

as leisure paragliding. It is made for every pilot, who seeks for high performance, low weight and small packing measure.A wing with such a great overall performance can only be 

realised using very light, high-grade material. Therefore Heartbeat, in weight and packing volume, is unbeaten in its class. Still its material is sturdy and durable. 

1 .SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
2 .Low air drag due to smart lines concept with 3 levels
3  .Launch aid for perfect take-offs at icy conditions and 

4 .Perfect performance/weight ratio
5 .Pre-acceleration for windy conditions

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