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SKYMAN- CrossCountry - LTF/EN B

Serenity meets power
The home of SKYMAN wings are mountain regions, but being real cosmopolitans, they can perform anywhere, even in lowlands or when being winch launched. The CrossCountry is a powerful, yet safe intermediate wing. Its conception is based on CrossAlps, but regarding safety it meets             class B requirements, as its aspect ratio has been optimised for this purpose.

CrossCountry, like all other SKYMAN lightweight gliders, is the result of premium manufacture using modern, high-grade material. It can easily be recognised, that it is extremely light, but only at a second glance, one will notice its helpful extras.


Due to that concept CrossCountry is the ideal all-round glider for Hike & Fly, XC paragliding and leisure pilots seeking highest performance.

1 .SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
2..Low air drag due to smart lines concept with 3 levels
3./Ceramic rings in speed system and brake deflection
4 .Mini-ribs for enhanced shape constancy and thermal 

5 .Launch aid for perfect take-offs at icy conditions and 


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