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AXESS 3 AIR - Compact Allrounder

The AXESS 3 AIR is a very light and comfortable compact harness, with a Hybrid Airbag.  As a genuine allrounder this harness is ideally suited for both leisure pilots and beginners. The AXESS 3 AIR makes pure enjoyment of hours-long thermaling flights.

Easy handling Compact & light Always ready

Much freedom of movement on the ground and easy sliding back into the seat after takeoff – these are two of the strengths that show off the AXESS 3 AIR. In addition, redesigned harness geometry makes adjustment simple, and improved back support offers excellent comfort.


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Technical Data

Pilot height     cm 155 - 172  165 - 187  175 - 202
Seatboard width   cm 34     35.5 37
Seatboard length     cm 38     41 43
Carabiner height     cm 42       44   46
Chest strap width     cm 44-54 44-54 44-54
Weight of harness     kg 3.3        3.5  3.65
Load test   EN 1651,120 kg    
Airbag certification    LTF 91/09    
Colours    chocolate/vivid blue    



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