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SUCCESS 3 - Favourite chair

The SUCCESS 3 is a sport harness with a foam protector, intended for recreational and cross country pilots who prefer to fly without a speedbag. Developed 

using the latest 3D technology it benefits from the perfect shaping and stress analysis of its component parts. This has resulted in a more elegant outline, 

less wrinkling, and ultimately improved aerodynamics and a high level of comfort.

Comfortable Aerodynamic Functional

The new SUCCESS 3 is notable for its maximal comfort. The use of ADVANCE’s own 3D CAD software means that the SUCCESS 3 components are perfectly shaped and 

correctly stressed for their functions. The resulting ergonomic shape of the harness, and especially the quality comfort foam at the back have significantly 

improved comfort.

Technical Data

SUCCESS 3            S M     L
Pilot height     cm 155 - 172 165 - 187 175 - 202
Seatboard width     cm 34     35.5  37
Seatboard length     cm 38         41 43
Carabiner height     cm 42 44 46
Chest strap width     cm 42-54     42-54 42-54
Weight of harness     kg  3.85 4.0 4.2
Load test   EN 1651, 120 kg    
Certification foam protector   LTF 91/09     
Colours    chocolate/lime     
    anthrazit/vivid blue    


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