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EASINESS 2 - Hike & Fly Fascination

Very straightforward, double the comfort - and light. This EASINESS 2 light reversible harness with no seatboard literally sparkles with many new features. A range of two sizes will suit every individual, wider shoulder straps and longer legpads ensure even more comfort, and a removable airbag with built-in reserve compartment guarantee maximal safety. The rucksack mode is not just ultra-comfortable to carry, but serves as a genuine mountain backpack, fitted with removable waist strap, helmet net, pole and ice axe holders.


Top enjoyment: On your back and in the air

The customary ADVANCE 3-D methods now used in harness development, and longer legpads enable the no-seatboard EASINESS 2 to support the pilot’s body perfectly in flight. Pilots sit as comfortably as in a good traditional harness. The wide, padded shoulder straps provide plenty of hold and feeling of security. The light reversible harness also leaves nothing to be desired when acting as a rucksack. With its ergonomically shaped back support the rucksack blends comfortably into the back; the adjustable shoulder straps spread the load on the shoulders.


A harness for many activities

It’s not just the airbag, with its built-in reserve - the whole harness is multi-functional. This applies whether for Hike & Fly, travelling, fly-bivouac or leisure fun: a modular system invites the pilot to decide on his intended use, and therefore always the weight he wishes to carry. He can choose between an Ultralight Package, Comfort Package and Security Package - maximum flexibility.


Two sizes for a wide variety of pilots

The EASINESS 2 is available in S/M and L sizes and suits pilots from 155 to 202 cm in height. The rucksack of either 49 or 57 litres volume easily has room for a normal wing. So the EASINESS 2 is not only the perfect solution for Hike & Flyers or bivouackers, but admirably suits those leisure pilots and travellers who prefer to get around with a smaller rucksack for their paragliding equipment.

Choose your package

Ultralight Package from 1.47 kg Reversible harness incl. carabiners
Comfort Package from 1.69 kg  Reversible harness incl. carabiners,
Security Package  from 2.18 kg Reversible harness incl. carabiners, comfortable rucksack waist strap and useful front pocket on the chest strap, with Airbag, reserve container (not including reserve) and V-connection


Technical Data

Pilot hight     cm 155-185 175-202
Harness weight     kg 1.47 1.54
Weight reserve container with reserve handle     kg 0.085 0.085
Protector weight kg 0.40 0.43
Chest strap width cm 43 45
Carabiner height cm  ca. 45* ca.47*
Harness certification    DIN EN 1651, 120 kg DIN EN 1651, 120 kg
Airbag certification   LTF 91/09 LTF 91/09
Rucksack volume  l   49 57
Colours   fire red     fire red

*Not Applicable. The harness seat shell automatically conforms to the pilot’s body shape. The seat surface width and the carabiner height find their own values. Chest and leg strap lengths cannot be adjusted, so carabiner distance is fixed.





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