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You want to take off effortlessly with your passenger for a stress-free flying experience? The BIBETA 5 can fully satisfy this requirement. Its excellent 

takeoff behaviour as well as efficient turning flight and landing identify the BIBETA 5 as an absolutely reliable partner.



Just a brief impulse and already the canopy is climbing evenly above you and your guest – the BIBETA 5’s easy inflating and rising mean that you and your 

passenger leave the ground in a relaxed frame of mind, ready to enjoy the flight. Even in difficult takeoff conditions the BIBETA 5 is a partner which you 

can fully rely on.



The BIBETA 5’s internal conformation has been further improved by means of detailed analysis and calculation: the weight-efficient structure and the use of 

Nylon wires make the wing lighter. Equipped with performance-enhancing trimmers and the established Vary-Grip big ears system the BIBETA 5 stands for 

efficiency and precision.



The BIBETA 5 is a reliable and hard-wearing partner. The optimised internal structure combined with a careful choice of materials make the BIBETA 5 a light 

but robust and long-lived wing that will, even after frequent use, remain hard-wearing, retaining its takeoff qualities and canopy stability.


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BIBETA 5   41
Flt surface m2  40.81
Projected surface m2 34.47
Take off weight ** kg 120 - 225
Optimal weight range ** kg 150 - 190
 Glider weight kg 8.15
Aspect ratio   5.2
Trim speed * km/h 41 +/-3
Max. speed * km/h 47 +/- 3
Min. sink rate * m/s 1.2
Best glide *   8.5 +/- 0.2

*    Values depend on wing loading (pilot/passenger/harnesses and glider)
**  Pilot, passanger, wing, equipment

The weight of the wing can vary by up to 100g due to unavoidable manufactured fluctuations in the density of such light fabric.



Leading edge New Skytex 6.6 Evolution waterrepellent 9017 E32, 40 g/m2
Upper surface  New Skytex 6.6 waterrepellent, 9017 E77A, 40 g/m2
Lower surface DOMINICO DOKDO-20DMF, 36 g/m2
Ribs New Skytex 6.6, 9017 E29, 40 gr/m2
Internal partitions New Skytex 6.6, 9017 E29, 40 gr/m2
Leading and trailing edge borders laminated Polyester 20 mm
Lower surface leading edge borders Polyamid, 16 mm
Lines Edelrid Technora (Aramid) 6843, 240/200/160,covered, 2.1 mm/ 1.9 mm / 1.5 mm (base lines)
  Edelrid Technora (Aramid), 6843, 120, covered, 1.4 mm (middle gallery)
  Liros Dyneema, DSL 70, covered, 0.95 mm (upper gallery)
  Liros Dyneema, DSL 70 / DFL 115, covered, 0.95 / 1.3 mm (brake lines)
  Liros Dyneema, DFL 115,covered, 1.3 mm (SL up) DFLP 200, Dyneema/polyester, covered 1.9 mm (SL down)
Risers Polyester 25 mm, 1400 kg / 22 mm, 1200 kg / Technora 13 mm, 850 kg
Schraubkarabiner /   
Quick links Maillon Rapide, Inox, 3.5 mm, 750 kg / 4 mm, 1000 kg


Test reports EN

EN Test report BIBETA 5 - closed trimmer
EN Test report BIBETA 5 - open trimmer

Test report LTF

LTF Test report BIBETA 5 - closed trimmer (only in german)
LTF Test report BIBETA 5 - open trimmer (only in german)



The BIBETA 5 has split A-risers, which make the application of big ears easy. A cleat (Vary-Grip-System) makes it possible to fix the outer A-lines so that 

they can be held in for an extended period. (see point XY Riser Illustration). The lines can be pulled down and reset in the clamps. With big ears applied 

the glider can be steered normally using the brakes.

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