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Cruciform reserve Cornetto

 The good out of two!

Since the mid 90ies our Annular design has been the leading technology in rescue parachutes. With our cruciform parachutes EVO Cross 

and Ultra Cross we consistently positive feedback from people at safety trainings and especially pilotes who experienced emergency situations. Reason for us 

to develop another new generation of cruciform reserves.

Our mid-range aim has been to replace the Annular design by a cost-effective cruciform parachute. Result of squaring the circle is the new serie Cornetto. A 

cruciform reserve at the price of an annular parachute!

Cornetto combines the weight, easy packing and sink rate of an Annular design with the high pendulum stability, packed measure and fast opening of our 

cruciform designs.

The low construction height of its canopy increases the opening certainty even in tailspins and at negative rotations.

Its very simple packing method is comparable to packing an annular parachute and that makes the Cornetto serie very easy to maintain!




  • Very low weight: 1,4 respectively 1,65kg thanks to newly developed 20D fabric
  • High opening certainty
  • Very high pendulum stability
  • Low sink rate
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio
  • Simple packing method, comparable to an annular reserve
  • Deployment bag with seperate case for the lines
  • Signal colour: red

Technical Data


Rescue system surface in m² max. take-off weight (acc. to LTF)  parachute weight
Cornetto 100 28,04 100kg 1,4kg
Cornetto 140 32,37 140kg 1,65kg



ns & Answers

We have compiled lots of comprehensive information on rescue parachutes as well as frequently asked questions on these pages:

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