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Rafting is used for transport people, goods and for hunting from very early periods. It is one of the earliest means of transportation.

The first recorded attempt was made in 1811, Overland Astorians planned to navigate the Snake River in Wyoming. Due to treacherous conditions of the river this could not be completed and had ot be abounded in short distance.

It is considered that the rubber raft was invented by Lt. John Fremont of U.S. Army in 1840s. In 1842 he recorded his rafting expedition on the Platte River, which is incidentally the first such recorded expedition.

In 1970s white water rafting grew exponentially and evidenced a major breakthrough when it was included in Munich Olympics held in 1972.

White water rafting has steadily gained popularity throughout the world. Today it is available in most of the places and in scores of rivers. India provides a unique experience of rafting in the great Himalayan rivers and one of the most popular destination is Rishikesh @ Uttarakahnd in the bank of Mighty Ganges.

We offer whole range of whitewater rafting experience in quite a few great Himalayan rivers including holy Ganges and mighty Brahmaputra ranging from few hours to few days. Short trips or day trips are provided at our beach camp at Rishikesh located adjacent to the beach of river Ganges with silver sands and deluxe tents with comfort of fixed camp which can accommodate upto 100 persons. River rafting in Rishikesh also known as white water rafting in Rishikesh is most popular activity in whole of North India. Adventure sports in Rishikesh are not to be missed experience for any person who either lives here or is visiting this part of India.

We had a amazing team of rafters and kayakers headed by Rishi who is best kayaker and rafter in India and is winning the top spot in Ganga Kayak Festival continuously for past three years.

We offer river rafting tour packages & expeditions which are tailor made to your desires and may organize a perfect blend of rafting cum trekking cum biking or motor excursion trip. Our packages are best rafting tour packages in Rishikesh which will give you a unique experience and exposure to the best possible options based on your interests, time and budget

Our motto is to create a memorable Himalayan experience for you to cherish the life long memories. We will discuss and customize the trips / expeditions to suit your time, schedule and special interests.



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